Gallup Global Strengths Training

Training for a Stronger, More Engaged, Team

The Gallup CliftonStrengths management training helps individuals, teams, and organizations discover and develop their talents. Gallup consultants help company leaders to craft business strategies that maximize those talents. Leadership vice-president Stephanie Snow Werren is a certified Gallup Global Strengths Coach and facilitates CliftonStrengths sessions for our programs and outside events.  She also recently received her Gallup Engagement Specialist Certification, helping drive organizations to focus on employee engagement leading to greater growth and productivity, and is working on completing a course in Equitable Community Change from e-Cornell.

A typical program would include: – Online StrengthsFinder 2.0 profile and e-book, including personal report of top strengths. – 2-7 hours of training on developing and using strengths in the workplace – Heightens understanding of personal leadership capacity and strengthens teams in the workplace. – Ideal for management teams, new employees, non-profit boards or staff

 For more information on how you can involve and engage your employees through Leadership Stark County’s programs, or to discuss a customized solution for leadership at your organization, contact Stephanie Werren.