Board of Directors

North Canton Chamber of Commerce
October 20, 2022
121 S Main Street, North Canton
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Board Member Responsibilities:
North Canton Chamber of Commerce

Mission Statement:
To develop, enhance and represent business, stimulate community leadership and
promote economic growth.

Time Commitment:
Board meetings are held monthly for usually (1) hour, typically in the morning during the
work week. In addition, each board member is expected to serve on at least (1)
committee that would generally monthly or seasonally for an hour. Board members are
also asked to attend special events throughout the year.

Typical Board Member Responsibilities:
Ensure effective planning. Boards must actively participate in an overall strategic
planning process and assist in implementing and monitoring the plan's goals.

Ensure adequate financial resources. One of the board's foremost responsibilities is
to assist in securing adequate on-going financial resources for the organization to fulfill
its mission.

Protect assets and provide proper financial oversight. The board must assist in
developing the annual budget and ensuring that proper financial controls are in place.

Enhance the organization's public standing. The board should clearly articulate the
organization's mission, accomplishments, and goals to the public and garner support
from the community.

Build a competent board. All board members have a responsibility to articulate
prerequisites for candidates, orient new members, and periodically and
comprehensively evaluate their own performance.

Hire, support and evaluate the executive director. The board should ensure that the
executive director has the moral and professional support he or she needs to further the
goals of the organization.

Ensure legal and ethical integrity. The board is ultimately responsible for adherence
to legal standards and ethical norms.

If interested, email for more information.

Salary Range or Hourly Rate

N/A - Volunteer Position

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