Adventure Curator (Focused on Youth Development Programmatic Implementation)

TomTod Ideas
November 9, 2023
439 Market Ave N, Canton
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Adventure Curator

focused on programmatic implementation

TomTod Ideas is a youth development nonprofit that listens to, honors, and advocates for middle schoolers. Yep. You read that right. Middle schoolers, and only middle schoolers. We create programming specifically for 10-14 year-olds because we think their perspective is valuable and necessary for the community.

Since 2012, we’ve helped thousands of middle schoolers discover and love their community while finding ways to help it thrive. Using the latest research about early adolescent development, our programing allows students to explore idea creation through a community-focused, developmentally appropriate lens. Using a variety of mentor-based, experiential learning adventures, we connect the energy, imagination, and intuition of middle schoolers with the wisdom, resources, and experiences of adults, while equipping middle schoolers with vital skills which empower them to take action today and set them up for success tomorrow.

We are seeking a teammate with 5+ years of experience working with early adolescents, who is passionate about empowering middle schoolers while shifting cultural conversations on youth ability, education, and the common good. What’s that look like? Adventure Curators split time between:

     --> in-the-field work with a diverse array of middle schoolers in school and community settings
     --> ideation and preparation of engaging activities alongside the Adventure Curator team in our creativity-infused headquarters

They work alongside partner teachers in classroom settings, craft idea implementation pathways alongside middle schoolers, connect with diverse community leaders, and infuse everything with 20% more fun.

Position Type: Full Time

Salary & Benefits: $42,000 - $47,000 salary depending on experience. Retirement match. Healthcare. Technology provided. Professional development opportunities. Mileage reimbursement. Generous PTO accrual and paid holidays.

Location: Headquartered in Canton, OH. Programming delivered throughout NE Ohio.

How to Apply: Submit a cover letter and resume to

Application Deadline: Applications will be considered on a rolling-basis as they arrive, with a final deadline of November 24th, 2023.

TomTod Ideas takes a whole-team approach to diversity, equity and inclusion practices and is an equal opportunity employer. As we seek new team members, we welcome the meaningful contributions you might bring in terms of your education, perspective, race, culture, ethnicity, gender identity, national origin, disability, veteran’s status, age or religion.


Any TomTod team member should be:

  • a self-starter with high ability at self-discipline and self-direction.
  • a team player who readily operates in a collaboration-oriented atmosphere that includes a high level of interaction with a variety of constituents (educators, middle schoolers, parents, volunteers, mentors, board members, funders, community members, etc.). Able to facilitate consistent yet personalized communication across these varied groups.
  • able to operate in an environment with substantial complexity, balancing multiple tasks simultaneously while prioritizing intuitively.
  • focused on building a thoughtful, diverse team culture, with high values on excellence, experience, and empowerment.
  • a creative thinker and innovation oriented; able to solve problems and think creatively about tackling obstacles in a variety of forms and from various angles.
  • proactive and mature in dealing with conflict, personnel issues, and community engagement.
  • able to efficiently organize, communicate and delegate tasks, while working alongside teammates and volunteers to see ideas through to completion.


Candidates should:

  • readily engage and inspire middle school students from a wide array of backgrounds. 
  • show eagerness to continue learning.
  • be adept at writing in a variety of formats.
  • be able to dodge flying foam animals deftly (or not complain if unsuccessful).
  • be able to navigate a variety of working environments such as our central headquarters, schools, community buildings, camp locations and the outdoors. Office hours are built around school partnerships but retain some flexibility, and some work may be done remotely.
  • have reliable transportation.
  • be occasionally available for night or weekend commitments.
  • be capable of physically transporting needed materials for programming (lift and move up to 30 lbs).


Programmatic Development
The Adventure Curator will:

  • report to the Team Guide and work alongside the Adventure Curator (AC) Team in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of core TomTod programming in consultation with the Executive Dreamer.
  • co-explore / imagine / curate ideas alongside middle schoolers in a variety of settings
  • curate a rich, varied, relevant set of curricula for classes, clubs, and camps that balances both helpful systematization and responsive, organic connectedness.
  • clearly integrate the 10 C’s (see addendum) throughout programming and provide sufficient guidance for seasonal staff and volunteers to understand and assist in 10 C development.
  • maintain thorough documentation and clear metrics for programmatic goals and outcomes alongside the AC Team and oversee consistent implementation.
  • assist with camper recruiting and retention efforts to consistently fill camps, including cultivation of community partnerships and ongoing engagement with camper families.
  • readily adapt to meet the needs of diverse populations of learners in various settings including but not limited to classrooms, camps, community centers and community partners.
  • facilitate clear pathways from classes, clubs, and camps for students to pursue idea prototypes and implementations through our project-based mentoring approach (What If You Could), including serving as a team mentor/facilitator.

Community Collaboration

The Adventure Curator will:

  • maintain an active presence in the community, seeking opportunities to connect TomTod to other like-minded individuals and organizations and develop collaborations as appropriate.
  • be an active ambassador for TomTod’s core DNA to the community at large.
  • oversee strategic community collaboratives as directed.
  • be supportive of funding opportunities and facilitate appropriate funding connections.

Student Mentoring

The Adventure Curator will:

  • facilitate student mentoring experiences.
  • be excellent at engaging students in a variety of settings.
  • design and implement creative, inspired curriculum for facilitated programming.


Classes & Clubs

We facilitate a variety of classes and clubs, implemented both during and after the school day, which partner with schools to empower middle schoolers in exploring their communities and designing ideas for community impact. Through weekly sessions, TomTod staff and partnering educators lead students through design thinking sprints and plunges while complementing existing class curricula, with a focus on critical and creative thinking skills and social emotional competencies. Students participate in a variety of engaging activities, interview community members, research ideas, travel to off-site locations, and use the information and skills they acquire to formulate ideas that serve others. All programs are cooperatively designed and implemented with school partners to enhance 21st century skill sets, develop social emotional competencies, and to explore community connectedness.


Day camps and summer enrichment partnerships help middle school students explore possibilities and create impactful ideas for their communities. Using a design-thinking-infused approach, campers learn skills such as teamwork, creative problem solving, digital literacy, research techniques, interviewing practices, public speaking, and civic awareness. Camps end with a celebration of the experiences and knowledge campers have attained, as community members, friends, and families join in to hear idea pitches presented by campers. Camps can be focused on assets and challenges of particular locales/city centers or more topically focused. All camps use collaborative spaces from partnering organizations (such as park systems, universities, art galleries, and business owners).

What If You Could (WIYC)

A project-based mentorship experience, WIYC helps middle schooler teams launch meaningful, community-oriented, personally-crafted ideas. WIYC walks middle schoolers through idea development using an iterative design thinking process, with middle schoolers conducting research, setting goals, prototyping, and proving their concept, and then setting it in motion to make a difference. Teams work alongside skilled mentors who bring insight and resources to join up with each student’s creative drive and passion. Not every project ends with a “successful” launch of a team’s full idea, but even obstacles are viewed as learning opportunities. Often originating out of our various camps, classes, & clubs, WIYC projects have helped shape communities locally and globally and continue to have a deep impact on students, mentors, and the community at large.

TomTod’s 10 C’s
6 informed by Positive Youth Development Research (

4 informed by 21st Century Learning:(
Creative Innovation
Critical Thinking

Salary Range or Hourly Rate

Salary & Benefits: $42,000 - $47,000 salary depending on experience. Retirement match. Healthcare. Technology provided. Professional development opportunities. Mileage reimbursement. Generous PTO accrual and paid holidays.

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